KIND Matters

Let’s dive deep. Honesty, on healing, spirit and soul. My journey to yours.

02 - Resistance and flow

KIND Matters is back! This podcast is brought to you with compassion, as compassion is what I am left with after navigating the last couple of weeks between resistance and flow. Join me for episode 2 to explore what these two spaces represent and how we can recognise resistance, take back our power and spiral up into our natural place of flow.  As always, with heaps of love and honesty from me to you.

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01 - The healing path and why it matters

Welcome friends, this podcast has been born out of an excitement to share more with you, a spark of desire swelling into a wave of action: a couple of days later, here we are! My love, my heart, to yours and your journey. In this episode, I’m sharing on the kind matter of healing. It’s salted with love & wrapped up in softness. I hope this lifts you up, carries you higher, calling in connection and grace.

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