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KIND Womxn's Winter Retreat

“A new love for nature, new friendships and a new understanding of compassion for myself”

- KIND Yogi testimonial

Ignite the spark in your eyes before the festive season begins  - Join a feminine tribe of kindness, for a weekend of connection and sisterhood 

Prices from £327 for a shared room, private premium rooms available from £427

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How people describe KIND Retreats

“An amazing experience”

“Beautiful, inspiring and generous”

“Magical, ethereal”

“Enlightening and blissful”

Who Is This Retreat For?

Release the weight you carry on your shoulders 

Connect to a love that holds the power to transform life

Honour this planet we are so blessed to exist on

Be inspired by a conscious community of like-minded womxn 

Nurture the body though softness and movement 

Discover the deep layers and intrinsic beauty of all that you are and all that makes you ‘woman’

We live in male-dominated patriarchy, even the word women includes the masculine. What happens to the spirit within this realm? To the inner child that wants to play, to the tired soul that just wants to be still and breathe, to the non-stop striver, the lonely traveller, the spiritual seeker and those who turn a blind eye to the calling of their hearts

This one is for you

There is nothing more powerful than womxn coming together to simply be. As the circle forms a co-created remembering emerges, we see ourselves in each other, we feel supported as we support, a ripple of self-acceptance and self-love is the inevitable result of this type of inner work.

This weekend is a pocket of space for your inner being to take a moment and connect. We will work with the feminine energy as a power source and birthright.  You are welcome, on your own, with your friends, as a mother, mother of a mother or sister, transgender or non-binary, if you identify with being a woman or womxn and want to explore this further you belong here. 

A wild abandoned winged goddess lives inside us all. She is all things powerful and true, dark and light,  she comes in many shapes, she seeks love above all else. Now is her time to fly free. 

“Communal and caring”

I deeply believe that being together, as one tribe and family allows our collective vibration to rise.

Details On What To Expect

Ceremony and Ritual plays a beautiful and powerful role in Jayna’s work, KIND ceremonies are non-dogmatic or religious, these are simple times when we come together with intention, creating sacred space to allow our progress to be marked, our truth to be heard or our past to be released. Ceremony is a way to celebrate and make sense of the complex experience of emotional lives. They can provide a place to receive and align in profound and subtle ways. All it takes is an open mind!

Ceremonial grade cacao and other plant remedies will support the inner journeying.

Sound and voice work opens our centres of communication as well as our hearts. Mantra, singing circles and vocal toning throughout the retreat will spiral us into resonance. Resonance is the base of all that exists, by consciously working with it we can unlock a deep state of peace and harmony with the world around us.  Music is a healer, sound healings using gongs, alchemic crystal bowls, light language and precision will be freely offered.

“[We loved the] connection with everyone, this doesn’t normally happen with people we don’t know”

Community. The power of retreats lies in the group. We will co-create a sense of purpose, unity and care as a family, this is a rare gift that is so needed in this time of much singular, non-communal modern living. When we let down our defences we will see the light and beauty in each other, which will help us to remember it in ourselves. This sense of caring and being cared for is truly transformational, it helps remember the wisdom, joy, love, compassion and mystery that exists in all of us.  


Digital Detox. During this retreat, we kindly ask that you leave your laptop/screens behind. In order to fully allow yourself the gift of this experience, we ask that you take the journey inwards, allowing space, free from outside influences, to meet yourself.   This is to encourage a mindful attitude around technology and a deeper connection to our emotional body. The benefits of taking a break from our phones are plentiful and reminding ourselves who we are without our extended limbs is an important part of the process.

Essential Oils. KIND retreats are filled with them! They hold serious plant power for body and mind and Jayna is passionate about sharing the knowledge of these wonderful bottled friends. There will be an aromatherapy workshop introducing you to what essential oils are and how they can support your daily life.

This is soul work, it’s the space and time we all deserve in this busy world and you are welcome to join our KIND family.

The only experience required is life experience. No experience is necessary for any of the activities. We welcome beginners, however, a basic level of fitness and understanding of Yoga would be helpful to get the most out of the morning practices.

For those with injuries or illness, please get in touch to see whether this retreat would be right for you.

▼ Location ▼

Here is a rough time table subject to change


12 noon womxn's circle

Light Lunch 

Tree connections

Restorative yoga

Welcome feast 


Mantras and meditation

Yoga Asana / myth-busting 


Cacao dream weaving dance ceremony



Singing circle and meditation

Yoga Asana


Essential oils workshop

Closing circle and sound bath

3pm Farewells

“Healing Nourishing, magic” 

With plenty of time for being alone, or in stillness as a group, we can cultivate a space of light, that we can carry back to our lives at home. If it feels right, I implore you to gift your sweet soul this simple time

What people took away from our last KIND Retreat


“Gratitude and compassion”

“Renewed energy”

“I am looking forward to rejoining the world”

“So much wisdom, joy, love, compassion and a belief in mystery and everyone on the retreat”

“Serenity and a desire to do more with my life”

“Gratitude for nature, the love around me and my health”

“Less self judgment”

“Connections, a sense of fullness, peace, gratitude, wellbeing and clarity’’

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Butley Priory has always been a place of worship being a gateway to a 12th-century Monastery. This makes it the perfect location for retreats. It has a sacred yet welcoming energy inviting you to take a walk around the monks ponds, drink tea and read books by the fireplace, enjoy the simple beauty of the surrounding woods and land, gaze up at the magnificent vaulted ceilings, or simply snuggle into one of Butley’s spacious bedrooms, known for where Mary Rose, Henry VIII's sister stayed in secret with her lover. Fill your soul with magic and within these sacred grounds return to your place of integration and expansion.

“Butley is one of the most magical places that I have ever has the pleasure of staying in, there is a magic energy in the walls and nature around them”

- KIND Yogi testimonial

Food on retreat Jenny Boat is KIND’s resident chief. She cooks delicious, nutritious and seasonal plant-based food to support and nurture your process. Jenny is a beautiful soul and a wonderful presence in the KIND team. You are sure to leave feeling light, re-energised and grounded from head to toe. We can cater for dietary requirements with advanced warning. Here is what past retreat yogis have said about Jen’s cooking!

“Simply the best vegan food I’ve ever had”

“Absolutely delicious, so nutritious, yummy and creative”

“Outstanding quality”



Butley Priory is two hours from London on the East Anglian Coast.
Train station: The closest train station is called Melton, Suffolk and is a 15-minute drive away from the house. Sunday trains are always difficult, so please consider car-sharing on your return.
Taxi: Butley Priory is 10 – 15 minutes in a taxi from Melton station. *Travel is not included in the ticket prices below.

Car Sharing: A Whatsapp group will be used to co-ordinate closer to the retreat, and past Yogis’ have found car sharing a great way to get to know each other and reduce emissions.

As Sunday trains are usually difficult, if you have a car we kindly ask that you offer a lift back to fellow yogis on Sunday who don’t have a car - contributions will be made



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Jayna Cavendish leads and creates her retreats with care and thoughtful curation.

“I am in love with the communities that are created through my work. Holding retreats, sharing knowledge and creating spaces for people to thrive, connect and be free is my passion. I am a strong believer in the power of the mind, our bodies ability to heal, the importance of creativity and soul connection. This is at the heart of my KIND work, it has brought me peace within myself and I hope I can share some of that with you!”

Jayna originally trained as a dancer before falling in love with Yoga in India in 2010. Her experience in dance and her various training's across the globe have given her classes a unique style with a focus on loving the self.

She created KIND 6 years ago in London. Her classes range from slow, connected flows, to dynamic vinyasa practices, whatever is needed at the moment to integrate the body, mind and heart. KIND classes nourish and support whoever is on the mat, whether you are a total beginner or experienced Yogi. There will be added levels for those who are more advanced in their asana practice. Music plays a big importance in her practice whether in the form of live music, playlists, mantras or group sounding. At the centre of Jayna’s practices is always loving and reverent with respect towards the body.


Karma Yogis The retreat will be supported by three Karma Yogis who will assist with practical matters whilst also sharing their energy and knowledge.

Massage Layla Evans will be on site for 1-1 bio-dynamic massage therapy. Jayna has had the honour of working with Layla on many KIND Yoga retreats. She has a powerful and beautiful energy, her work is subtle yet deeply healing. Many KIND Yogis have fallen in love with her work and the effects it has had on their mind and body and continue treatments after the retreat.

“One treatment was enough for me to experience pain relief and life-changing effects. I have booked treatments each retreat and had Layla to come to my home.


for a shared spot in a standard room

for a double or single bed in a premium shared room


for a premium superior single or double ensuite room

Spaces will be limited for this rare womxn’s experience, to come and get inspired with us, please book soon to avoid disappointment.

Rooms Available

Mary Rose

Super King Size bed, one single bed, en-suite shower room
Ideally for couples or groups of 3

West Wing Room
Premium or Standard when 3 sharing

The largest room in the house with a super king-size bed, double bed and single bed
Perfect for a family, group of 3 friends or solo yogis looking to team up
Shared bathroom with  Monks Cell down a short flight of steps

Monks Cell
A unique and beautiful tiny room, perfect for one, overlooking the front grounds of Butley Priory
Shared bathroom with West Wing

Moroccan Room
Doubled Bed and large connecting bathroom
Ideal for the solo yogi or couple

Yellow Room
Double bed with an ensuite shower room with a huge window and beautiful views
Ideal for the solo yogi or couple

Top floor 1
A beautiful cottage room with two single beds or one double bed shared top floor bathroom

Top floor 2
A beautiful cottage room with double bed shared top floor bathroom

Top floor 3
An unusual slightly smaller cottage room with a mezzanine bed

Thank you for reading

If you choose to join our sister weekend, there will be deep conversations with lots of laughter and play, time for rest and stillness, more than likely tears (as tears are sacred). Space to be alone if you wish and a remembered connection to your light and joy. Through sensual explorations you can open your arms to life whilst grounding yourself solidly on this beloved earth.

If there are any questions whether this is a self-indulgent endeavour, I can assure you it is not. It is only by filling our own cup that we can share with the world around us. Often a retreat can be more restful and invigorating than a holiday. There is also a tremendous benefit in choosing a UK based retreat as no energy or time is wasted on over-sea travel, you can easily arrive and settle into your journey straight away with a clean conscious and small carbon footprint.

Come join us in this calm, warm, open and DELICIOUS  environment with all the magic and little surprises along the way. You are so very very welcome.