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Sacred Sunday Cacao Ceremony, Movement & Sound healing / Kindred Yoga / Deptford

  • Kindred Yoga Kindred Yoga, Unit D, Norfolk House, Brookmill Rd, Saint John's London, England, SE8 4HL, UK United Kingdom (map)
Join KIND for a Sacred Sunday of dream weaving, Ceremonial Cacao, free movement, followed by sound healing to sooth and align your soul with it’s deepest desires.
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Raw cacao is a powerful and potent medicine that can assist the ‘inner work’ and creative guidance we all need to stay balanced. It literally opens the blood vessels in the body allowing more blood flow through the heart, it is known to trigger bliss hormones, feelings of love.

In our cacao ceremony, we will set the space together with intention, meditate by tuning into our heart centre before being guided into dream weaving though intention setting.

With our intentions set we use the power of cacao to dance out our vision, inviting in what we are calling for. This will be a safe and loving space where you will not be asked to do anything you don’t want to do.

 Sound Baths:

Sound Baths are a passive experience where all you are required to do is simply lay down and allow the vibrations of sound to move through you. You will be led on a deep sound journey using Alchemic Crystal Bowls and Gongs which create deep theta sound waves. These frequencies will move through you physically, facilitating the drop into a lucid space where your subconscious has room to explore and your body and mind experience deep rest. Rhythmic percussion and blood harmonies accompany KIND sound baths for a true head and immersive sound experience.

KIND Is run by Jayna Cavendish, Yoga teacher and space holder. She works with her sister Bess when holding sound baths. They are both trained musicians and vocalists working the unique power of sister connection to bring magic and peace into peoples lives.

Things to bring

Wear comfy clothes that you can sit down in. Bring a cushion if you can for under your head. We will provide mats, blankets and an inviting environment

If you have one, you can place a symbolic small object (crystal, shell, coin, card)  around the sound altar to be cleared of negative energy and charged up with clear frequencies.

During sound healing, your body temperature will drop so if you wish to bring a warm scarf or soaks feel free.

General admission £25 / Earl Bird £20 - Bookings though KINDRED YOGA