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Sacred Sunday Day Retreat - Yoga, Ceramics, Sound & Ceremony

  • Blank 100 Blank 100 Unit 5, 100 De Beauvoir Rd  N1 4EN United Kingdom (map)

Sacred Sunday is about connection, giving back to ourselves and nourishing our spirit. We will work with sensation, Yoga, clay, creativity, ritual, vegan feasting, silence and sound healing.

KIND Yoga invites you for there 3rd Sacred Sunday and last of 2018! Jayna is delighted to bring you this Sunday day retreat within the city, a space for you and your precious soul.

Join Jayna and Pop Up Pots in the beautiful space of Blank 100 for a group Sacred Sunday full of love, play and kindness.


10.30am - Arrival and welcome tea

10.45am - 12.00pm - Yoga with Jayna

11.45 - 12.15 Silent walk

12.15 - 1.30 pm Vegan Brunch

The sharing of food is a human pleasure as old as time. Connect to a like-minded community for a winter seasonal feast. Nutritious for our bodies and vegan because it is kind to our planet and as tasty as a Sunday should be.

1.30 - 2.30 pm Clay Creating in Jayna’s home studio (next door to Blank 100)

Heat up and slow down the body, mind and spirit with Jayna’s late morning yoga flow, focusing on energy, gravity and fluid motion. Her KIND practice facilitates the drop into connection with the self, so we can be present and available to all our senses, joy and light.

Draw into yourself with our ceramics meditation session. Indulge your sense of touch, the creative child and spirit in a playful meditative exploration. Using the magic powers of clay, we will seek to reconnect our hands with our hearts to facilitate better grounding and presence in our bodies.

Hand building allows you wonderful creative freedom.

 By packing clay tightly using your hands and shaping, defining and sculpting with a wide variety of tools, you can create both vessels and figurines and - well - just about anything you've plucked from your imagination!

Alternatively you can focus on coiling, Coiling has been used to create vessels from clay for thousands of years. This is a great technique for those new to clay. It is - as its name suggests - the method of coiling rolls of clay around and around, steadily building a pot.

Lucy Attwood launched Pop Up Pots in November last year and is opening a members and teaching studio at Eccelston Yards, SW1 early next year.

The finished pieces will be glazed then fired to be collected from KIND from the week before Christmas. KIND’s Tuesday night class is a great time to collect your pot and get your Yoga fix.


2.45 - 3.45 pm Sound Healing and Therapeutic Grade essential oil sharing

Working with sound and frequency as a tool for realignment and healing. Jayna and her sister Bess will share an immersive sound journey using KIND’s Alchemy Crystal bowls, percussion, gongs and vocal blood harmonies to sail you to another planet. Lay down for a passive ritual of release, dive into your subconscious, set simple intentions for deep receiving and relaxation.   

Our Sacred Sunday will close with Therapeutic grade essential oil sharing to awaken your final sense of smell to send you blissfully floating back into your life and the end of the week.

Both Jayna and Stine from SkandiHus have designed this day to share practices close to their hearts. They are passionate about the paths that lead us closer towards connection, our truth and natural living.

3.45 - 4.45 Thanks, hugs and goodbye’s


About Jayna : 

A former dancer turned yogi,  with over 5 years Yoga teaching experience, maker of music, sound,  ceremony and magic. 

'I am in love with the communities that are created through my work. Holding retreats, sharing knowledge and creating spaces for people to thrive, connect and be free is my passion. I am a strong believer in the power of the mind, our bodies ability to heal, the importance of creativity and soul connection, This is at the heart of my KIND work, it has brought me peace within myself and I hope I can share some of that with you!'




Sunday 9th December - 10.30am - 5pm

Blank 100 Unit 5, 100 De Beauvoir Rd, N14EN

General Admission - £90

KIND Pairs- 2 tickets for £160 (£80 per person) * limited places *

2 Concession spots - £60 each (for people who are financially challenged, on benefits, single parent, self employed or artists! Please email KIND directly to reserve these spots)

* Book before November 18th to ensure your Early Bird Ticket *

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