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Winter Warmer Retreat with KIND & SYC 2018 - SOLD OUT

‘The Chakra system speaks to our wholeness. Integrating mind and body, masculine, feminine, the mental and the physical worlds. Inner and outer, heaven and earth. The Chakras form a bridge between these opposites. Also a bridge between eastern and western ways of thoughts’
— Anodea Judith, Author of Eastern Body Western Mind

KIND Yoga and Secret Yoga Club invite you to the wilds of Butley Priory for their 2nd Winter Warmer Retreat in Suffolk!

Prices from £325 for a shared room, private rooms from £750

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As this colder season sets in we have the brilliant opportunity to go inwards, reflect, unravel and explore the inner landscapes of ourselves. Within a warm and nurturing environment, Jayna and Gabrielle will take you on a journey to nourish and re-centre your mind, body and spirit before the Christmas season.

We live in the physical world and we are spiritual beings. There is more to us than pure physical matter. We are energy, prana, life force. How often do we give ourselves the time to truly invest in and respect this truth?  During the retreat, we will be using The Chakra System as a framework of enquiry. It is time to clear up our energetic vibration, detox our minds, strengthen, nourish and soften the body and step into our alignment and truth.

When we give ourselves space, our bodies and souls know what is needed and how to come into the balance and harmony we all seek from within.

Gabrielle and Jayna will introduce you to the Chakras as a map for your life, you will gain a basic understanding of this energy system and some useful tools that you can carry out of this retreat and back into daily life. If all this Chakra talk is sounding a bit wacky and out there, not to worry! Jayna and Gabrielle's work together is approachable and non-dogmatic.  They are two women who live with their feet firmly planted on (usually tarmacked) ground. We understand the strains and pressures of modern life. We teach only from our experience of what has helped us to live in a more embodied and fruitful way. You can find more of an explanation on our understanding of the Chakras below


What you will experience on this carefully crafted retreat:

  • 2 x Physical asana practice per day - Restorative and flowing Vinyasa Yoga

  • Sound healing using Alchemic Crystal Bowls, percussion, vocal harmony and gongs

  • Time to meditate with guided visualisations and silence

  • Creativity, free movement and dance - no experience necessary!

  • Singing circles and voice work - no experience necessary!

  • Nature

  • Ceremony

  • Herbal and plant medicines such as Cacao and mugwort to support our process

  • Rest, relaxation and stillness

  • Lots of love, open community, laughter and kindness

No experience is necessary for any of the activities. We welcome beginners, however a basic understanding of Yoga would be helpful to get the most out of the morning practices.

For those with injuries or illness, please get in touch to see whether this retreat would be right for you.


Butley Priory has always been a place of sacred worship being a gateway to a 12th-century Monastery. This makes it the perfect location for retreats.

Drink tea and read books by the fireplace, enjoy the simple beauty of Suffolk nature, river walks and time in the woods will be our companions, gaze up at the magnificent vaulted ceilings, or simply snuggle into one of Butley’s spacious bedrooms, known for where Mary Rose, Henry VIII's sister stayed in secret with her lover!

 Fill your soul with magic and within these sacred grounds return to your place of integration and expansion.

How To Get Here

Butley Priory is two hours from London on the East Anglian Coast.
Train station: The closest train station is called Melton, Suffolk and is a 15-minute drive away from the house.
Taxi: Butley Priory is 10 – 15 minutes in a taxi from Melton station. *Travel is not included in the ticket prices below.




"I am in love with the communities that are created through my work. Holding retreats, sharing knowledge and creating spaces for people to thrive, connect and be free is my passion. I am a strong believer in the power of the mind, our bodies ability to heal, the importance of creativity and soul connection. This is at the heart of my KIND work, it has brought me peace within myself and I hope I can share some of that with you!"

Jayna originally trained as a dancer before falling in love with Yoga in India in 2010. Her experience in dance and her various training's across the globe have given her classes a unique style with a focus on loving the self.

Jayna started teaching at KIND Yoga 5 years ago. Her classes range from slow, connected flows, to dynamic vinyasa practices, whatever is needed at the moment to integrate the body, mind and heart. Her focus is on the connection to the spirit in combination with the strength of the body and correct alignment. Jayna’s KIND classes nourish and support whoever is on the mat, whether you are a total beginner or experienced Yogi. Music plays a big importance in her practice whether in the form of live music, playlists, mantras or group sounding.



Gabrielle has been teaching for seven years and her offering has slowly evolved with her practise. Her priority is to create a compassionate space for people to explore their physical landscape and breath as portal into the energy body and the subtler realms within and without.

As many yogis discovered thousands of years ago, she too observed how her body hoarded habits and memories (samskaras) and that movement and breath work was the most effective way to release these tensions, to celebrate the body and awaken the mind. It is only through releasing these ghosts and our conditioning, that we are able to see the world clearly and move through life from a space clarity and connection.

She teaches a slow, mindful flow, prefaced with some kind of pranayama to draw people to the innerworld. She’s interested in finding different ways to explore the body, seeking different words to communicate and new experiences to awaken. She closes classes singing with crystal bowls, to create a nourishing space for people to soften more deeply into themselves.

Gabrielle started Secret Yoga Club four years ago to gather a community of people who are interested in discovering themselves through creative, multidimensional experiences. SYC supports its ever growing family of practitioners and treasures ongoing working relationships. It seeks to evolve endlessly and introduce different healing modalities to its expanding community of beautiful, inquisitive people.


for a standard spot *single or shared double bed

for a premium spot * double or single bed in a shared room

for a premium superior single or double ensuite room

please inquire directly for more information.

For more information and tickets please contact:
Spaces will be limited for this Winter Warmer experience, so come and get cosy with us! Please book soon to avoid disappointment.

Rooms Available

Mary Rose

Super King Size bed, one single bed, en-suite shower room
Ideally for couples or groups of 3

West Wing Room

The largest room in the house with a super king size bed, double bed and single bed
Perfect for a family, group of 3 friends or solo yogis looking to team up
Shared bathroom with  Monks Cell down a short flight of steps

Monks Cell

A unique and beautiful tiny room, perfect for one, overlooking the front grounds of Butley Priory
Shared bathroom with West Wing





Moroccan Room

Doubled Bed and large connecting bathroom
Ideal for the solo yogi or couple

Yellow Room

Double bed with ensuite shower room with a huge window and beautiful views
Ideal for the solo yogi or couple

Top floor 1

A beautiful cottage room with two single beds or one double bed shared top floor bathroom

Top floor 2
A beautiful cottage room with double bed shared top floor bathroom

Top floor 3
An unusual slightly smaller cottage room with a mezzanine bed


More About The Chakras

The Chakra system is an ancient system of energy points in the physical body. This will be the framework which we will use to explore the depths of our physical and non-physical reality.

Chakras are a system of energy points in the body that relate to areas of our conscious evolution. The chakra system encompasses all of us and is designed to connect the body with spirit and the spirit with the body.

It can be used as the map for our journey through life,
awakening and healing our connection with the physical realm, gravity and earth,
Deepens relationships, sensuality and intimacy with others and to the self
Strengthening the morals and boundaries by which we live
Opening our heart's capacity to love, working to understand vulnerability and compassion  
Allowing communication and creativity,  learning the power of self-will and expression
Understanding our intellect and the influence of our mind in our life
Tuning up our intuition and connection to energy
Softening into receptiveness, to the flow of universal source energy, the connection we have with our Higher Self

Life force is the power supply, is the electricity that runs our house, designed to connect the body with spirit. It is what connects the open flow of mind and body.

Chakras are portals through which life force itself can flow. we can have the most perfect life, do all the actions but unless we have life force flowing freely through us we are nothing.