Corporate Classes

Bringing yoga into your company through weekly classes will transform your team. I draw from my experience as a teacher and ex-dancer to create a supportive, open and grounding environment to ensure your company gets the most out of each class.

Having Jayna in twice a week has made a complete change to the working atmosphere, such progression in everyone’s yoga. More energy and positivity. We are definitely more productive as a company as a result.
— Roger Wilkinson, Founder of OHO Group

Corporate Classes

Bringing a team together on yoga mats creates a unique energy and purpose that can’t be matched. Yoga in the workspace is a true investment in the overall wellbeing of employees. I have been teaching corporate classes for the last 4 years to the likes of Island Records at Universal Music, WeWork co-working space, Lululemon clothing brand, Oho Group and interior design Studioilse, it’s phenomenal to see the impact and results Yoga at work can have.


  • Team building and bonding

  • Increasing productivity & mental clarity

  • Release of physical tensions inherent of sitting and working from a screen and desk

  • Improving posture and reducing office related injuries (like RSI)

  • Stress reduction

  • Physical fitness / core strength

  • Meditation practice for a more focused and positive team

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Jayna’s yoga lessons have brought the Island team together, and it’s something we all look forward to as a break from our fast-paced office environment.
— Elspeth Merry, Publicist at Island Records