Ritual Ceremony and Sound


There is an ever growing need for orientation within

the ever-expanding vastness and fastness of life.


Ritual and ceremony offer us an opportunity to align with the cyclical nature of being. A space is created, to release, receive, weave, celebrate, honour and commit in community.  When we balance ourselves to the natural rhythm of our living planet, our transformation continues, within and without.

Honouring the Wheel of the Year and the moon is a powerful way to create markers in your life. It helps us know there is a time for everything and that we have the power to guide our lives in a positive direction. It's a simple practice that begins with creating sacred space through meditation and intention. This allows a container for the ritual which can be as simple as lighting a candle, speaking your truth or moving your body, witnessing or being witnessed. There is a deep remembering when we sit in a circle or work together that is undeniable.  These groups form collective energy that can co-create powerful change on many levels.

KIND Ceremonies are non dogmatic and welcoming to all. Jayna creates a held environment for people to feel present and open. She guides her groups with intuition leading authentically from her own experiences. Her empowered and loving approach spreads through her ceremonies to all who participates.

Sound Healing works with resonance, the frequencies created effects our mind by dropping out of Beta brain waves (mental activity) and into Alfa (the present moment), Theta (vivid imagery)  and Delta (healing and regeneration). Sound healing works as a life hack into meditative states. As the same time, the subconscious part of ourselves is given room, ideas, perspective shifts emotional releases often occur. It is a powerful and effective gift to ourselves within fast-paced city life on so many levels.

KIND sound healing works are a passive experience where all you are required to do is lay down, get cosy and allow the vibrations of sound to move through you.  KIND creates an immersive experiential sound journey using Alchemic Crystal Bowls and Gongs which create deep theta sound waves. Gongs, Shamanic rhythmic percussion and ethereal voice work and light language interweave with the Bowls for a Divinely feminine and loving transmission. Jayna leads a short and grounding meditation to bring people in and out of the experience.

Ceremonial grade cacao simply means raw, unrefined, cacao that is produced organically by the tribespeople of Central and South America where the use of cacao originated from. The cacao is made with respect for its power as a plant medicine. KIND cacao comes from a small tribe in Peru, through one trusted supplier. Love and care towards people and the planet have been kept every step of the way.

When drunk in a ceremonial setting, it is a beautiful tool for connection inwards and outwards. It is medicine for the spirit and soul known for its heart opening properties, physically increasing circulation and blood flow through the heart. It helps in the natural production of bliss hormones such as phenethylamine and serotonin as well as being extremely high in antioxidants, magnesium and vitamin C.

In KIND Cacao Ceremonies, Jayna creates a warm space for people to join together. She leads with a welcome and introduction before the ceremony beings by drinking with intention. The format is then free for what is called for, cacao is a natural aphrodisiac and energy lifter, it’s the perfect partner for sharing, dance and movement, group voice work or breath work. This leads beautifully into sound healing or meditation where the fruits of the ceremony can be integrated and received.

Jayna Cavendish is a leader in kindness and connection. Her work draws on her diverse life experience and personal healing journey.  She studied and worked in classical and contemporary dance, went to rehab and did a lot of deep inner work before finding her calling in music, yoga, meditation and the spiritual arts. She is committed to the path of sharing this healing for the past 8 years through openness, generosity and kindness.

Jayna started KIND her yoga, events and retreats business 5 years ago. She has helped many people connect to themselves in a deeper and more profound way. Cacao ceremonies, dance, ritual, community, and sound healings are a central part of her work. Her non-dogmatic, accessible and welcoming approach creates a safe and supported environment that people can’t help wanting more of in their lives.



Jayna is currently living with her partner George in Lisbon. She comes back to London regularly for retreats and events to connect with her KIND tribe.

27th of June - 7th of July (New Moon 2nd July)

Jayna co-holding space with sister Bess, together they create the most heavenly harmonies, spreading the kindness even further.  

17th - 24th September (Waning period 0 Autumn Equinox on the 23rd September)

If you would like to collaborate please get in touch.


“What is it like coming to one of KIND Yoga, Jayna's classes or Cacao Ceremony? For me it's a massive de-stress moment, to come to something that just totally switches your mind off, and unlocks your body. It's definitely a peaceful moment in my week or my month. It's like a stopgap and a complete refresher. I’m going to miss her when she’s not here, so I'm looking forward to her coming back. It always puts a smile on my face.”

“I found KIND Yoga in January when I went to their Suffolk retreat. And after connecting with Jayna, Bess and George, I wanted to seek out as many of their events as possible. They create such a great space, a welcoming space and It's coming from such a genuine place. I’ve noticed that they remember all the faces and friends, and they always welcome us with such a big hug, it makes you feel safe, you can really be yourself, relax, and be free and wild. They create that through KIND Yoga”

“This happens to be the second Cacao Ceremony that I've attended, and I couldn't recommend them enough. They're fantastic. If you want a night of good intentions, I always feel a little bit more whole, more connected to the true nature of who I am. We do things like journeying with the music, dancing with a bunch of people that you don't know and you hug them, and you lose any kind of inhibitions, any kind of egocentric beliefs like ‘I'm not good enough, I can't mingle with these people’. You just let that go and you become free, and you become who you are… and then just when the night couldn’t get any better, you meditate and centre yourself and you really actually just quieten your mind and listen to the most beautiful music and then afterwards you have to hug those beautiful same people again. And I just couldn’t recommend it enough. The only thing that’s bitter itself is the cacao, but even that is worth it for the sweetness of the whole night.”