About KIND


KIND Yoga is lead by Jayna Cavendish.

About Jayna

I am in love with the communities that are created through my work. Holding retreats, sharing knowledge and creating spaces for people to thrive, connect and be free is my passion. I am a strong believer in the power of the mind, our bodies ability to heal, the importance of creativity, soul connection and community, as this is what has brought me into a place of peace with myself.

The KIND story

My first love was dance, I trained and worked professionally in Ballet and Contemporary dance for ten years from the age of 13. It was a wild, amazing and hard worked journey, however there was a gap in my understanding around the holistic connection between body and mind.

At 22 I found myself depressed, lost and stuck in destructive patterns of addiction and behaviors that were ruining my life.  I always knew nature and creativity were deeply powerful for me, however, I did not believe that this connection could fill the void I felt inside. Through a process of intensive recovery focused work I commited to clean and sober living and slowly started to heal my relationship to food, my body and spirit. Part of this was traveling to India, falling in love with Yoga. I am lucky enough to now have had 7 beautiful and sometimes challenging years of sober, conscious, T Total living!

What happened after I committed to clean living:

Life expanded. I traveled and lived abroad for around 5 years, working freelance in dance, studying meditation, yoga, contact improvisation, and movement wherever I could, through intuition I got the message it was time to go home, grow roots and move back to London. I moved into a vipassana meditation house and began the process of learning to love myself in London. A city which originally triggered so much trauma and unhappiness in me became a playground for spiritual growth, healing and connection.

How did I begin teaching:

I started teaching yoga on a Tuesday night in east London. It felt natural as I have been teaching dance workshops regularly along my travels.  Yoga teaching excited me and I loved it. As with anything we love and feel excited by, my class grew in size and popularity fast.

I took my 200 hour Yoga teacher Training with an amazing Indian Yogi called Shiva. Shiva epitomises living in the light, he grew up in the monasteries and married himself to God at the age of 5. He taught me the roots, the purity and depth of what Yoga can be, this combined with my past experience in movement and self-healing is what created KIND Yoga. I have been teaching my Tuesday classes for 5 years and it warms my heart to still have students from when I first began.

Music & KIND:  

Having grown up in a musical family, my journey has also led be back to music. I started up a band with my sister Bess called AYA. You can here our released tracks here - AYA  

I began to bridge the two works of Yoga and music, developing Sound Healing sessions with Bess. We work with Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Gongs, percussion & blood harmonies to create an immersive sound experience. We have learnt to ritualise ceremony, harnessing the power of cacao and herbal teas that support and deeper Sound experiences

Though commitment, practice and sharing what I am passionate about, KIND and my music project AYA and are now flying. Classes, retreats,1-1’s corporate Yoga, workshops, Sound healing, events, music, performances and ceremonies is how I spend my time. I clearly feel that both these paths of creativity are my Dharma: my purpose in life.

If you have any questions, do get in touch. I am happy to share more details on my journey should it assist you.

With Love and Countless Blessings



KIND's ethos is based on kindness being the root to all happiness. If we can be kind with ourselves we can be kind to each other which leads to profound and positive change internally and externally.

"Be KIND, Be Happy."

KIND holds weekly classes in east London and workshops and retreats in London, Suffolk and soon to be Goa and Ibiza!

KIND’s locations are always beautiful, personal and utterly unique.

KIND offers private Yoga sessions for companies, small groups and private 1-1’s in your work place or Jayna’s home/studio in Dalston.

KIND supports the Yoga community by offering beautiful locations to rent for Yoga workshops and retreats.